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Welcome to Charter College & Career Prep (CCP)

We offer a full-day academic program where students can successfully earn a middle and high school diploma following California State Standards through engaging and rigorous curriculum. We offer a variety of hands-on electives to engage student imaginations. Among our priorities is to develop college and work ready skills, as well as provide advanced education opportunities that broaden options to succeed in the 21st century.

 The program offers many advantages:  

  • Advanced Instructional Technology   
  • Individualized Learning Plans
  • Targeted Remediation in Language Arts and Math
  • Accelerated Graduation Opportunities
  • Credit Recovery   
  • Advanced Education Partnership with Folsom Lake College
  • Positive Opportunities to Become Involved  
  • Hands on Innovative Electives
    • Culinary Arts
    • Robotics
    • Makerspace
    • Wilderness Survival
    • Gardening

Charter College and Career Prep Hosts Basketball Game

Students of Charter College & Career Prep faced off against students of Independence High School in a game of basketball on Thursday, Dec. 7th in the Charter Activities Building. This semi-annual tradition is a friendly competition between two schools that do not have the typical athletics programs seen in high schools, with games occurring in both the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Charter College & Career Prep students have been training for months under the watchful eye of teacher/coach Jeff Bridges, and while the competition was fierce, Independence High School was victorious, followed by a pizza lunch enjoyed by all.

More information about Charter College & Career Prep can be found on our website at ccp.edcoe.org or call (530) 295-2259.


Charter College & Career Prep students (left to right) senior Julian Mancilla, junior Jacob Tudor, and senior David Garcia-Reyes displaying their defensive skills.



We accept student enrollment throughout the school year. The process is easy. We first meet with you to discuss how our program functions. Then, if you decide that this is the program for you, complete the enrollment paperwork, and we will assess your student in order to place them in the best classes for success. To schedule an appointment, please call Melissa Concha at (530) 295-2295.

Charter College & Career Prep Thanksgiving

El Dorado County Office of Education (EDCOE) employees were incredibly thankful on Friday, November 11th, to be treated to a Thanksgiving feast dished-up by the students at Charter College & Career Prep (CCP).

The annual event, in which CCP culinary students work with the EDCOE kitchen staff to prepare a Thanksgiving buffet, has occurred before Thanksgiving recess for over twenty years. This unifying meal provides both a culture of appreciation for the staff and a certainty that students will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

“This is a fun, hands-on event,” said CCP principal Fred Mier. “While culinary arts students experience the real-world difficulty of helping cook for a large event, they also get to see the outcome of their hard work through the satisfied faces of everyone enjoying the meal.”

This is a joint project between the EDCOE kitchen staff and maintenance departments, who respectively prepare the food and set up the dining area; culinary arts students, who helped prepare the meal; and student council, who hosted and served the meal to over 200 students and staff. 

“Participating in the Thanksgiving feast is really great.  It gives everyone a chance to get to know each other,” stated Angelica Meza-Sandoval, Student Body Secretary, between serving scoops of mashed potatoes. “The events that the student council put on are amazing. They’ve shown me that being involved in school is so much more rewarding than just being in school.”

Culinary Arts and the Associated Student Body programs at Charter College & Career Prep are just two examples of the many ways Charter Alternative Programs help guide students toward a successful transition into higher education and the workforce.  Additional information about Charter College & Career Prep may be found at http://charter.edcoe.orgor by calling (530) 295-2259.


Bryan Jimenez, tenth grade, sweetens pumpkin pie with a little whipped cream